Marvin Lee Watkins

Marvin Lee Watkins was born June 24, 1953 in Detroit Michigan. He was the youngest of 5 children born to Eddie & Irene Watkins. As a child church was like a second home to him and his siblings. Marvin’s father Eddie was an associate minister and his mother, who was affectionately called Ire, was a Teacher in the Body of Christ Their home was one of love and offered an atmosphere where Christ was center.
At an early age Marvin accepted Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit, singing in the choir and active in the youth department at his church. As an adult he joined Fountain of Truth under the guidance of Bishop Michael Jones and Pastor Brenda Jones where he was a boom camera technician, a task in which he took great pride.
Marvin graduated from Mumford high school and went on to Michigan State University where he graduated with honors in Political Science. He came home and immediately began to work as the administrative assistance to the late Councilman Nicholas Hood and had over site in designing and establishing of several adult assisted living facilities…one which is still in operative, The Cyprian Respite Center on Chrysler Drive in Detroit Mi.
In later years he was married to Rosalind Minor and loved his two stepsons Angelo and Brian.
Marvin was an analytical in his approach to life. He was a thinker as well as having a great sense of humor. He remembered everything from names to events in detail,” If you wanted to know something-Just Ask Marvin” Family was very important to him and he loved them all dearly.
All is well “Baby Boy”, all is well. Don’t talk the ears off the Williams family when you see them. Just think now you have a full set of teeth and can eat peanuts. “Fat Teddy”

I love you…but you already know that. You always called me your “Sister in Twice” (naturally and spiritually) See you in the morning. “CAT”
Adoption is wonderful but to be accepted and as your brother goes on forever-I love you and will miss you my brother…until I see you again in heaven- “Mike”

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Condolence Messages

  1. Rosalind H Coffey

    Prayers and condolences to the Watkins’s family during this time of bereavement! Marvin will be fondly remembered as part of the ” Thunderbolts” where we all worshiped and gave praises to God. The Church of Our Prayer Thunderbolt Choir would visit a church, do an A and B selection and leave everybody shouting in the isles! Your brother Stanley would direct and the spirit would catch like fire! The memories are many, but I especial remember Marvin, because I have a brother whose name is Lawrence Marvin so I would never forget those two Watkins brothers ever! Be blessed my sister and brother, God knows and he will stand by your side!

  2. Wollie & Vickie Stuckey

    Praying for your strength & comfort, Love
    You , Carolyn ,Micheal, Tim , Lawrence & the Entire Watkins & Williams’s Families

  3. Wow Marvin I have not seen you in years. One thing for certain, I knew you would be working in whatever church you were attached to. Blessings on your family.
    Nedra Johnson

  4. Love you family!!! Cherish the memories… celebrate the legacy!!! “…to live is Christ… to die is gain…!!” Despite how it looks or how it feels…. a Uncle Marvin WON!!!

  5. Great man and my deepest condolences to the entire Watkins family . I learned a lot from Marvin and grew up sharing some good times with him .

    • Carolyn Belcher

      Thank you Tito…good to hear from you. Marvin loved you and Brian and was very proud of you

  6. I only remember meeting him once at the house on one of the holidays. I remember laughing so hard as you guys recalled things. I have no doubt as to where he is because I know where he comes from and who he is connected to. My prayers are with you as you celebrate his life and will continue to be with you when it gets a little hard. May the love of the Father continue to bring you comfort. I love you guys💜

  7. William D. Hatton

    Wow! I am truly stun. I would like to reach out to the family sending my condolences. I am so speechless to the point my tongue ties up into a knott. Marvin was my family, and I didn’t know he was sick. Didn’t even have the chance too let my brother know that I love him. It’s my prayer that Marvin and my big brother Stanley the (Beamish) is back together and kicking it with those big bright smiles they use too have all the time, and being with the Lord enjoying the peace and the new life that he just started with, the Lord thy God Jahovah almighty benevolent love. It seams like it was just yesterday when me, Beamish, and Marvin was on the front porch of 2480 Virginia Park kicking it planning our next move of having some fun. Marvin if you can hear me bro! I just want to let you know, I love you man, and I’m going to miss you. God always keeps his promises for his children. I sure you guys are up there rockin that mass choir, and Stanley is directing it with his powerful moves. The Church of Our Prayer will never be forgotten. You guys hold it down until we meet again. I am sending special prayers out to my Auntie Coralyn and my Uncle Lawrence that the Lord keeps his Angels watching over them all times, and keeping them strong with the Faith that was in stilled in our hearts, because we was all raise up in Church, and we can never forget where we came from. It’s my prayer that we can always say, I love you even thru spirits, and always cultivating more and more of Jesus love, and knowing he’s always there all the time. I am so sorry to hear that we lost Marvin. Love you guys much.
    Billy DH., Moore

  8. Corinthia Stuckey

    Marvin you have fought a good fight, you have finished the course, and you have kept the faith. Love, your cousin Cointhia

  9. Marvin was an acquaintance of my Aunt
    Viola who adopted him as the son she never had. My aunt has been pressuring the neighbors to find out how Marvin was doing and even suggested that I go to
    Henry Ford Hospital to inquire about him
    despite the fact that I reside in Chicago.
    On Friday, May 8 2020 my aunt will be 94 and this news will break heart. So, I will
    wait until she is reacquainted with her
    beloved son in heaven. We love you Marvin


    • Carolyn Belcher

      I heard Marvin so many times talk about his play Mom. I never met her but I do know he loved her a lot. Maybe you can tell her he’s doing so much better now and has moved out of the city to be with his family.
      Thank you so much for loving him.
      Marvin’s Sister Carolyn

  10. Carolyn Belcher

    I heard Marvin so many times talk about his play Mom. I never met her but I do know he loved her a lot. Maybe you can tell her he’s doing so much better now and has moved out of the city to be with his family.
    Thank you so much for loving him.
    Marvin’s Sister Carolyn

  11. I met Marvin at Hampton Junior High School in about 1967. Almost 50 years later we discovered we were both friends of Viola. Hawthorne. We shared quite a few lunches-Marvin with his “Mom”, Viola and me and my mother. What a kind and interesting man he was! Full of humor and hard fought wisdom. I brought him together with another friend who was moving into the Berry Gordy house where he became indispensable.

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